General Practice at Inner East Community Health “iehealth”


Since its beginnings in 1869 “iehealth” has delivered primary health care based on a vibrant GP medical practice. Currently our clinics provide services for about 15,000 individuals a year and we have 23 GPs in our team.


We aim to deliver best practice integrated care through our three multidisciplinary clinics which are located in Richmond, Hawthorn and Ashburton with access for all. We are a not for profit company.


Being a general practitioner at “iehealth” offers significant benefits in support, professional development and playing a role in the development of integrated care models, which incorporate health promotion and disease prevention as well as clinical care.


Our approach to Integrated Care is based on Team Work and engagement across professional boundaries.  We have a range of allied health practitioners, as well as experts in health promotion and disease prevention.  GPs in their paid role as Clinical Associates are critical to the development of the Integrated Care Model including community care maps.  Medical specialists are also increasingly becoming part of our clinics.  We aim to be the leading Integrated Care Clinic in Australia.


Access for all is an important part of the operations of the clinics and the practice maintains daytime bulk-billing and community funded allied health programs to ensure that income is not a determinant in the level of care.

The Integrated Care Model is particularly suited to address chronic disease management and complex care issues. Our Health Promotion Activities incorporate programs promoting the social model of health.GPs page 2